STEM Center

Hours of Operation

We’re back in-person for the Fall! STEM Center use is available by reservation.

Fall Quarter Hours* (Starting September 20th)

Monday & Wednesday: 8am – 7pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 8am – 5pm 

Friday: 9am – 1pm

*Tutoring hours may vary – students should check the Virtual STEM Center 21-22 Canvas page for more information

Have a question? Click here to chat with a STEM Center employee.

Employment Opportunities

The STEM Center hires students and part-time employees to support BBCC students’ academic success. Each quarter the number of job openings fluctuates and hiring depends on applicants’ ability to meet minimum requirements and to fill current needs in the STEM Center.

WE’RE HIRING FOR FALL 2021! Apply now!   

If you’re interested in joining the STEM Center team, we encourage you to apply! For more information please contact the STEM Center Coordinator.

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Center is a large collaborative study area open to all BBCC enrolled students, including GED/DVS. We offer students a variety of resources and instructional support for all levels of math, science, and engineering courses including:

Available STEM Center Resources include:

 • Wi-Fi access  • Calculators (and more!) for checkout
 • Computer workstations  • A&P models
 • Dry-erase boards, tables, and windows  • Microscope
 • Individual and group study space  • Textbooks with selective answers
 • Private study rooms  • Opportunities for student employment

We encourage all BBCC students to take advantage of our space and technology to engage with peers, receive help from a tutor, SI Leader, or course instructor, or to relax between study or class sessions. 

Student Positions

Student workers must be enrolled at BBCC for a minimum of 6 credits 

Click on position title for description and link to application

Part-time Positions

Part-time employees may work up to 16 hours/week

Click on position title for description and link to application

Volunteer Opportunities

The STEM Center would like to invite community member volunteers to join our department. We believe you would enrich our students’ college experience by providing perspective on where you are now, the life you have had, and the community in which you live. Volunteer times are flexible, but would be between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday – Thursday, when classes are in session.

More Tutoring at BBCC

The STEM Center offers drop-in tutoring and SI (group study sessions), but does not offer one-on-one tutoring. One-on-one peer tutoring is organized by the Library. If you’re interested in one-on-one tutoring, please contact our eLearning Coordinator, Mattias Olshausen.

STEM Center Contact

(509) 793-2306

Building 1200

Room 1201

Stem Center Staff

STEM Center Coordinator, Christ Kunkel

Kunkel, Christy

STEM Center & Emporium Lab Coordinator
(509) 793-2185
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