STEM Peer Mentoring

The TRIO SSS STEM Peer Mentoring project at Big Bend Community College pairs TRIO STEM Scholars with Mentors who are BBCC alum and are pursuing a STEM major at a four-year institution. Through one-on-one meetings and group workshops, the peer mentors provide a space for mentees to enchance their sense of belonging in the STEM field, and gain knowledge to increase success in the transfer process.  

Mentees can access the Peer Mentoring canvas course HERE

Meet Our Mentors

Nora Medina

Nora is currently a senior at the University of Washington studying Computer Science.

Oswaldo Perez

Oswaldo is a Pre-Med student studying Biology at the University of Washington. 

Program Contact
Elizabeth Valle

Valle, Elizabeth

TRIO SSS Academic Advisor
(509) 793-2082
Jasmine Evangelista-Martinez

Evangelista-Martinez, Jasmine

TRIO SSS Academic Advisor
(509) 793-2041
Early Achievers instructor, Astrid Chen

Chen, Astrid

TRiO SSS Academic Advisor
(509) 793-2042
Cheryl Brischle

Brischle, Cheryl

TRIO SSS Program Assistant
(509) 793-2040
Veronica Guadarrama

Guadarrama, Veronica

Director of TRIO Student Support Services
(509) 793-2039
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