New Student

Follow these steps to get started at Big Bend

1. Apply


  • Apply online, printable version, OR in-person. 
  • You will receive an acceptance letter via email (the email you provided in your application). Your Student ID number and information about Viking Orientation will be included in your acceptance email. 
  • IMPORTANT! Some programs have special admissions requirements
  • DREAMer students, please click here for forms and information about requirements for in-state tuition and state financial aid.

(509) 793-2089 | | Admissions Office 1400 bldg


Financial Aid

(509) 793-2088 | | Financial Aid Office, 1400 bldg

2. Get Credit for Prior Learning

If you have earned credits from any of the following, please submit official documents to Big Bend Community College for evaluation. 

Contact the college, university, or awarding agency and request official transcripts to be sent to Big Bend Community College. Learn more about how to submit official documents.

(509) 793-2089 | | Admissions Office 1400 bldg

3. Submit Documents for Math & English Placement

  • Learn about all placement options such as how Transfer creditAdvanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) credit earned in English and math can be used for placement. Be aware: You may not be able to register for some courses without placement. 
  • Complete the free Placement Evaluation Request for English & math placement.
    Upload documentation of high school or college/university transcripts
    • most recent high school report card, high school transcript (within 10 years for English and 2 years for math), or Skyward grade report
    • unofficial college/university transcripts
    for evaluation. Your name must appear on all documentation. Please allow 3 to 5 days for processing all documents. 
  • The BBCC Accuplacer test is for students intending to enroll in math or a course that requires a math prerequisite and are not able to report high school grades or scores and do not have any previous college experience. Cost: $10.
  • Guided Placement for English is for students that are not able to report high school grades or scores and do not have any previous college experience. 

(509) 793-2064 | | Testing Center, 1400 bldg 

4. Online Viking Orientation

All new students are required to complete an online orientation and it must be completed before you attend New Student Registration. The online orientation is a resource for you to refer back anytime.

5. Sign-up for New Student Registration

  • At the New Student Registration event, an advisor will help you understand your placements, how to find essential resources on our website, choose first quarter classes and learn how to register for classes.
  • The link to sign up for this event is found in the Online Viking Orientation

6. Pay Tuition

(509) 793-2018 | | 1400 bldg

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